Clinic of Dental Hygiene - Lenka Kupsová, DiS
The newly opened private clinic offers comprehensive dental hygiene services in the area of oral health.

A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth and gums, who would not want to savour to his surrounding naturally beautiful?
Nowadays in full of interpersonal communication is important to look good and clean and healthy teeth is your for your first look.

Who is a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienist is a licensed expert to teach oral health and performance in the oral cavity, which, as a dental assistant uses scientific methods to control and prevent dental disease and to help individuals and also population groups to obtain and maintain optimal oral health.

Dental hygienist raises awareness of the population in the field of good oral hygiene. Along with the removal of irritating factors motivating and instructing proper technique of cleaning and select appropriate and adequate equipment to suit individual patient needs. It focuses on all age groups of pregnant women, small children to seniors.

Dental hygienist does not replace the work of a dentist!

All of our patients remain under the care of your dentist!

We offer:

- An overall examination of the state of the teeth and gums
- Assessment of the condition and recommendations of appropriate treatment, tools for home oral hygiene, proper cleaning techniques, along with training
- Complete removal of tartar
- Hygienic phase before orthodontic or implantology treatment
- Non-surgical treatment of periodontitis (deep cleaning)
- Removal of pigmentation by Air Flow methood
- Treatment of sensitive necks
- Sealing teeth
- Surgery and home teeth whitening
- Application of dental jewelry
- Sale of equipment for dental hygiene