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Gingivitis is initially manifested swollen gums, redness and bleeding while cleaning. The gums may be sensitive to pain. Gingivitis occurs due to irritation of the plaque and later dental stone in periodontal sulcus.

Treatment of gingivitis is to remove accumulated coatings and tartar and briefing proper tooth brushing techniques.


Periodontitis (parodontosis incorrect name) is an inflammatory disease of the tooth supporting apparatus, ie. surrounding structures (gums, connective fibers pendant, bone bed of the tooth). It arises by harmful bacterial activity under the surface of the gums along the tooth root. Parodonitida is a continuation of untreated gingivitis, when dental stone, together with a large number of bacteria gets deeper below the gum and the inflammatory processes that occur there, cause loss of surrounding structures around the tooth itself. With the retreat of bone structure and gum recedes and exposes the roots to the necks of the teeth (can be felt increased tooth sensitivity). Periodontitis is a painless inflammation, and therefore the patient may not even be aware that it has. So do not hesitate to prefer preventive dental hygiene on tour.

1. Gingivitis- tartar and plaque in the periodontal sulcus irritate the gums, bone is still intact.

2. The incipient periodontitis- tartar and plaque bacteria to get to the root of the tooth, the gum is inflamed with incipient destruction of surrounding bone.

3. Advanced periodontitis- bone destruction continues, along with bone and gum recedes and exposes the necks of teeth.

4. The final stage- insufficient amount of bone and tooth supporting structures of the tooth falls out spontaneously.

Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity carry other risks. Overgrowth of oral bacteria have an impact on the whole organism. It has been scientifically proven that they can worsen joint disease, heart disease, pregnant women with preterm delivery and low birth weight baby and may even share in the inflammation of the pancreas (diabetes). As a hidden inflammation burdensome organism, can infection in the oral cavity reduce life by several years. The human body is connected system and oral cavity is a "gateway" into the system, and therefore we should keep it clean and healthy.

Boast a clean and healthy teeth is nowadays only important for communicating with people and for aesthetic reasons, but mainly for maintaining the overall health of the organism.

Treatment consists of non-surgical treatment of periodontitis. It is the removal of tartar and plaque from the tooth root surface with friendly hand tools. Therapy can be supplemented with irrigation of periodontal pockets with chlorhexidine for better and faster healing of the gums. When properly performed therapy may stabilize some already rickety teeth. Treatment is of course accompanied by selection of suitable equipment for home oral hygiene and proper tooth brushing technique and exposed necks.

Rooted superstitions::
".. I inherited paradentosis from my parents."

Only 1% of all periodontitis is inherited as a congenital defect of the immune system, when the body can not fight alone against certain bacteria causing periodontitis. It is a disease of young people, because the loss of bone and teeth wobble reflected back to the 30 year life.

99% of all periodontitis is caused by poor oral hygiene, tartar formation under gun and the proliferation of aggressive oral bacterial flora.

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