Clinic of Dental Hygiene - Lenka Kupsová, DiS

Entrance examination: 900 Kč

45 - 60min, examination of the state of the gums, removing tartar, depuration teeth, interdental toothbrushes and briefing classical brush (tools not included in price).

Deep cleaning: 950 Kč

45 - 60min, non-surgical periodontal therapy, removal of tartar under the gum curette, from so called periodontal pockets.

Follow up after the initial examination or deep cleaning: 500 Kč

Kontrola hygieny, stavu dásní a parodontu, dočištění, depurace a reinstruktáž. Délka vyšetření je 30 minut.

Recall: 600 Kč

Control of hygiene, gingival and periodontal status, polishing, depuration and re-instruction. Length of the examination is 30 minutes.

Children's dental hygiene: 450 Kč

Up to 15 years, 30min, indicating plaque briefing suitable purification techniques, removal of coatings and tartar, depuration.

Air Flow: 1000 - 1100 Kč

Removal of pigmentation on the upper and lower jaw sandblasting, according to amount of pigmentation.

Dental fluoride varnish: 150 Kč

Recommended for teeth prone to decay, especially in young children, the upper and lower jaw.

Treatment of sensitive necks desensitizer: 250 Kč

Preparation Admira Protect, price for 1 quadrant.

In the surgery is possible to purchase equipment for home oral hygiene.