Clinic of Dental Hygiene - Lenka Kupsová, DiS

Tooth whitening is an aesthetic procedure in the oral cavity, where leads to brighten of own color of teeth. When ordination bleaching is used highly concentrated carbamide peroxide, which can penetrate the enamel to the dentin (the color indicates the tooth enamel itself is transparent). At ordination bleaching, there is used highly concentrated carbamide peroxide, which can penetrate the enamel to the dentin (the color indicates the tooth, enamel itself is transparent). Already during or after bleaching can be felt increased tooth sensitivity. After bleaching is important to follow the white diet (reduce drinking coffee, tea, food coloring such as red pepper, soy sauce, curry, etc.) for a period of one week, because teeth are after this time the "open" and pigments from the food could more easily penetrated into teeth. It is further recommended increased drinking regime, to increase saliva production and intensive fluoridation, the teeth will give the necessary minerals that could ever be "closed".

How does the surgery whitening: First, is applied to the gums protective gel that protects gums against corrosion and then is applied whitening gel itself, which is left for 15 - 20 minutes. After the exposure time the gel is rinsen and can be applied again, this can be repeated 2 to 4 times. Finally, the protection of the gums is removed and teeth are fluorided.

In our clinic we are using whitening gels, which are activated by ordinary light, without UV lamps. By this, we prevent unnecessary exposure of soft tissues of the oral cavity to UV radiation and internal teeth overheating.

The degree of brighten teeth whitening is the individual, depends on the thickness of enamel, the default color, etc. Surgery bleaching is performed depending on the bleaching agent in 1 to 3 visits. Before each bleaching is necessary to eliminate gingivitis, tartar and pigmentation to prevent unwanted burns uneven whitening gum and enamel.

Our office motto is: First - To have a beautiful smile is important the health of teeth and gums and after that Second - Aesthetic interventions. Bleached teeth will never look natural if it is surrounded by redness and bleeding gums.

Whitening is not for everyone or contraindications:

Bleaching is not recommended if the applicant for a bleaching is under age 18, if there are many cracks in the enamel or many fillings in aesthetic dental field, in case of the increased sensitivity of the teeth, during pregnancy and lactation, or in case of gum disease or an allergy to bleaching material.